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Ishota is a rich, cultural world that I've really gone into depth with creating.
On top of holidays, flags, dress and history, I've also created geographical features, a language,
an economic system and climate patterns.

So to get you started, here are a few categories:


    Religion is a huge part of Ishota. There is only one religion, called Tollaism. It is a monotheistic religion centered around a goddess named Tolla. She is a benign, playful goddess who is capable of getting angry and of mistakes, much like an Old Testament God.There is a story of creation, which will be told later in the comic. Tollaism has a few sects which feels a vast amount of tension on a daily basis. There are the Atheists, the non-believers, the Aurins, a super, conservative group, the Monks of Caia, and the average people in between.

    Tolla is represented in two forms. One, of a voluptuous, curly-headed woman with insurmountable beauty, and the other, of a powerful, but nurturing Mother Bear. The official symbol of the religion is a heart with geometric designs inside of it. The heart represents Tolla's unfailing love, while the designs inside represent the Spirit Of All Things, which connects every living thing.


     Government in Ishota is relatively simple. Each country has it's own leader,
whether they are titled a King or a Sultan or whatever. They all have the same power over
their own lands. The twist, though, is that the Zaran Emperor has power over all the other Leaders.
If you can imagine an umbrella, Zara is at the top, with Rahad, Sierra Gesh, and Caia underneath
it. Almost like the Federal Government over top of a State Government. Zara has also recently
taken to placing soldiers inside of the other countries as local police, which has set everyone on edge.

    On top of Leaders, each country has a single Ambassador who speaks for the Leader
when meetings are called between the countries. Every five years, a Convergence is
called between all of the countries to see if any laws need to be changed for taken out,
and also sets it up for there to be open discussion amongst them. There are
Capital building located, obviously, in the Capitals of each country: Fort Rung, Zara;
Izael, Rahad; Goya, Sierra Gesh; and Dammair, Caia.


    Economy in Ishota is determined by, once again, Zara. All of the other countries had raw, natural resources, while Zara had nothing but nearly inhabitable swamps, stark mountains, and the Northern Snows. Out of need, they industrialized, creating factories in which to take in the raw materials and begin making manufactured goods, like clothing, shoes, and carts. This is their only redeeming quality. But soon, the other countries became dependent on Zara's goods, which is how Zara elbowed its way to the top of the food chain, so to speak. They made demands that the others couldn't afford to decline.

    Soon, all of Ishota's capital was being sent to Zara, and they kept what they needed
as payment. Soon, though, they were taking more than that, and made steeper demands.
Still, no one could refuse. Operations have started underneath the Zaran Empire's eye, though.
Pirates have started interception trade ships, taking what they can, and giving back to the other
countries, so not as much is being stolen from them. The act is highly illegal and can be punished
by execution.

History....... COMING SOON

Language....... COMING SOON

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